Internet Video Marketing Experts Launch Premium Services for Agencies and Brands

March 10, 2010

Internet Video Marketing Experts Launch Premium Services for Agencies and Brands

The Internet’s leading video marketing experts are teaming up to offer full scale online video marketing services for brands large and small.

This partnership will allow us both to better serve individuals, agencies, small businesses, and big brands.

Newport Beach, CA (PRWEB) March 10, 2010 — ReelSEO, the leading information source for online video marketing news and analysis, has announced a strategic partnership with Video Army, a premier provider of end-to-end video production and marketing services. Marketers now have access to a complete range of premium video marketing services including: video production, distribution, and marketing.

Online video is one of the most powerful marketing and advertising options today. According to research published last year by Doubleclick and Google, ads with video were shown to outperform all other forms of online advertising by an overwhelming margin.

Not surprisingly, major brands have begun to embrace video marketing, shifting significant advertising dollars away from more traditional media advertising. According to eMarketer, US online video advertising revenues in the US alone are predicted to grow at at extraordinary pace from $734 Million in 2008 to more than $5.2 Billion dollars, or 700%, by 2014.

“We have seen first hand, the interest in video marketing grow exponentially over the past year. Our unique position in the marketplace allows us to connect marketers with the kind of white-hat, professional online video marketing services they read about on our site every day,” said ReelSEO founder, Mark Robertson.

The combination of ReelSEO’s leadership and Video Army’s experience, having worked on campaigns for Gatorade and the Obama 2008 Campaign, makes them an attractive combination of know-how, analysis and expertise.

“People go to ReelSEO everyday to read and learn about online video marketing strategies, but many of them cannot implement these strategies on their own,” said CJ Bruce, CEO of Video Army. “This partnership will allow us both to better serve individuals, agencies, small businesses, and big brands.”

Whether it is extending the life and reach of current video assets, producing new video content, or building online video and social media marketing channels, ReelSEO and Video Army can craft an online video strategy that suits a variety of needs.

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About ReelSEO
ReelSEO is “The online video marketer’s guide” – a destination for news, research, insight and best practices for online video publishing, promotion and optimization. ReelSEO maintains a staff of expert columnists who research and analyze the latest options, offerings and trends in an effort to guide marketers and businesses towards best practices and online video services that suit their needs.

About Video Army
Video Army creates videos for brands & provides marketing services to engage online communities and advertise to targeted demographics. Video Army’s services include high definition video production, social media marketing, online content distribution, web design and viral promotion.



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