Morris Business Development Company and Video Army Join Forces

March 3, 2010

Morris Business Development Company – OTCBB: “MBDE” has signed a Letter of Intent with Video Army, LLC to collectively provide new media and institutional financial services to American companies.  Dr George Morris states, “MBDE is an SEC reporting company where Congress directed Business Development Companies (BDC) to help both privately owned, and thinly traded public companies succeed.” The BDC provides access to capital and managerial support. This statutory mandate benefits both the client company and the BDC.

George Moseman, CFO of Video Army, is an investment banker and believes this is a time of great opportunity for early adopters. Moseman states, “More than 50% of all purchasing and investment decisions in the U.S. are made using the Internet, and that number will only grow dramatically. We are in the right place at the right time, with the right products. Video is simply the most effective marketing medium available today.”  Video Army provides end-to-end video marketing services including; production, distribution, advertising, social media, and web design.

The power of Video Army’s partnership with Morris Business Development Company is that it can make a significant impact for client companies, increasing their operating performance while creating high market exposure.


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